About Bcalm

Being Calm

About Bcalm

As unique as your imaginations.

Bcalm offers a range of boutique villas that are calm, charming, peaceful, and beautifully designed to suit the unique preferences of our guests. These boutique villas display the architectural influences of authentic Indian designs as well as colonial and modern styles. Check out our recommended list of elegant villas, reputed for their cozy and secluded ambiance while providing a hospitable stay, mouth-watering foods, and outstanding customer service. 

B Calm Vacation


Message from founder

Bcalm, it’s a word we coined from the state of being calm. The services offered are directly proportionate to the brand name- to rejuvenate you from the stress of the hectic lives we all live in. Our ambience and security suits to your comfort and our aim is to make your stay a peaceful one, a home away from home and the one you will never forget.

Thank you for choosing us. Welcome to our little piece of paradise.

Jacob Abraham

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